Leather Messenger Bag - Chocolate
Leather Messenger Bag - Chocolate
Leather Messenger Bag - Chocolate
Leather Messenger Bag - Chocolate
Leather Messenger Bag - Chocolate
Leather Messenger Bag - Chocolate
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    Leather Messenger Bag - Chocolate


      Timeless features



      Design – practical and discreet, this genuine leather messenger bag is perfect for a modern-day western Zen master. One who accepts life as it is, observes without judgment and without imposing meaning or manufacturing the reasons, the motives, the causality behind it all. Such a person has no desire of bells and whistles to draw attention to himself but appreciates purely minimalistic form.



      Because Time Resistance bags get better with age: like friends, like wine, like you.




      ·      Exterior made from genuine full-grain cowhide (Vachetta leather) that will last you for decades


      ·      Interior fully lined with cotton and easy to clean


      ·      We are well aware that men don’t look forward to getting accustomed to a new bag. Therefore, we make sure to offer quality materials that are long-lasting and require little maintenance. It will be a good long while before you need to look for a replacement. (Although we can’t promise you won’t want to buy it a friend!)





      ·      Hand-dyed using the vegetable tanning method that utilizes only natural materials and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals


      ·      This artisan technique maintains the natural look of leather, rendering each skin one of a kind with a slightly different pattern


      ·      As an added bonus, vegetable tanning gives the leather a natural earthy smell



      Modern features


      Time Resistance bags are crafted in the present-day to accommodate contemporary needs:


      Laptop size


      ·      Can fit a small laptop (e.g. 12” MacBook or 11” MacBook Air)


      Gadget friendly


      ·      Organizer panels for smartphone, cards, and pens


      Useful features


      For your carrying comfort


      ·      Shoulder strap, adjustable in length


      To stay organized


      ·      One compartment and an inside zip pocket  


      ·      An outside zip pocket right at your side; for things you want to keep close for safety, but still have easy access to while on the go


      ·      Suitable for A4 documents and folders


      Better safe than sorry


      ·      Reliable brass hardware


      ·      Magnetic closure– no muss, no fuss


      Be a keeper


      ·      Comes with a dust bag that is to be used when the bag is stored


      ·      Dust bag protects it from the sun, dust, scratches or stains while also allowing the leather to breathe


      ·      Made from 100% cotton